The Inspiration - The Story
There is no way we could capture this amazing story in this page. If you click on the advert you will be taken to the 30 minute video about this amazing journey.

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Funeral of Sir Ernest Shackleton at South Georgia. He died of a heart attack, on 5 January 1922 whilst on his way to the Antarctic. Pall bearers; Willie Sandison, Geordie Manson, Magnus Leask, John Byrne, Jeemie Brown, James Leask, were all Shetlanders. It was planned for Shackleton's body to be shipped back to the UK. However after their departure, his widow sent word that at his own earlier request he was to be buried as far south as possible. The ship returned to South Georgia, and he was buried at Grytviken. (The Master of the ship conveying Shackleton, S.S. Woodville, was also a Shetlander - Captain Laurence Leask; he attended funeral).

Our school cook's grandfather attended the funeral. Click on the tune below to hear a slow air as a mark of respect.

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We will use the existing posts which mark our path to record the journey. During the centenary year we will create markers on the posts on the correct days to really establish the length of time spent on the ice. Pupils will also read the correct number of pages between posts or places on the journey. This will represent the sustained effort of the group to reach safety.