Da Auld Wife Gallery

The Inspiration - The Stone
The Skellister Standing Stone is an irregular boulder of grey sandstone with large veins of white quartz, apparently quarried from the adjacent hillside and set up amid rough, rocky surroundings. The stone is just over nine feet in height and is packed at the base.

Locally it is also known as the Auld Wife (Old Wife), because in silhouette it resembles a stooped, albeit tall, old woman. The Skellister Standing Stone is located on the Hill of Skellister

At the ancient Viking Things (assemblies) people would bring their crafts to sell and barter. We wanted to use the school to promote local art and craft as part of our Enterprise Education. We are wanting to encourage young artists so hope to build a partnership with Shetland College

534276_310383825714839_1384980410_n.jpgIn preparation pupils decorated the corridor and library walls. We matched them with a local photograph and produced a mottled effect. This lets colour or monochrome ping on the surface.
Artists can exhibit without paying a commission rate. The school sells books and other crafts in order to raise funds. We also have the pupils set up and clear up especially if there are refreshments involved.
It brings a wider community in to the school over the winter. It has been very successful and will expand this session.
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