HLFlogo.jpgThe þing - Dempster's boat

Many of the people attending the þing would travel by boat. Shetland has always relied on the sea for transport , food and pleasure. It was very important we included a modern Nesting boat builder's story.

The Inspiration - The Story

Dempster Laurenson, of the Quoys, Nesting. 1801-1902. He belonged to the fifth generation living there since 1688. A fisherman at the haaf, he was shipwrecked at Skerries at the age of 15. About 1828 he gave up the sea and began boatbuilding. He was self-taught, and built over 400 boats. He also made spinning wheels, one of which was displayed in John White and Co., Edinburgh.

For 200 years the Shetland Sixareen went to the Far Haaf by clicking on Dempster's photo you can see a video of the sixareen and hear the haunting fiddle tune.

The Inspiration - Shetland boat gardens
DSCF3513.JPGMany people in Shetland use old boats to make features in their gardens . We have looked at many but like the one in Bigton near St Ninian's Isle. ( The treasure Island). We like the use of buoys , corks , stones and ropes . It is like a working boat. We know that it is hard work being at the fishing. There have been many fishing disasters in Shetland. Hopefully our boat will mark these terrible tragedies as well as the skill of the boat builders.
Delting Disaster
Gloup DIsaster
Boats play a huge part in the summer social life of Nesting through the yoal regattas.534571_156988984423116_1486636434_n.jpg

A huge part of pour project is to recycle and reuse material. A plea on our Facebook page resulted in the donation of an old local boat.