HLFlogo.jpgThe þing - Njuggle water

Around the þing camp fire the people would gather and share stories of mythical creatures and dangers out there in the dark.

The Inspiration - The Story
The Njuggle

The njuggle , an amphibious creature which frequented meadows and streams but was never found far from water is KelpieOrNjuggle.jpgcommon in Shetland folklore. He was a master of disguise and often turned himself into a pony or horse to entice the weary traveller unto his back. Once someone was foolish enough to get on his back the creature would roar and with a flash of blue flame run for the nearest water. It was a known truth that if you were approached by a njuggle you should light a match as the creature was terrified of fire.

Njuggle story from Fetlar

Click on the link above to listen to the story of a Laurenson man from Aith who left his home on Saturday night to visit a girl in North Dale. As he passed the Peerie [little] Loch, a njuggle with eyes the size of a fivepence pot came out and circled him, snorting. When he reached the footpath called the Snugga, he stopped and decided this was a bad omen. He turned tail and made for home. When folk asked him what ailed him, he said he was misfürded [run into bad luck]. He never went to see the girl again. There are many more njuggle stories on Fetlar but this is the only one concerning a Laurenson.

Mould & Stane
DSCF3809.JPGWe had planned to embark on the creation of the new pond area ( Njuggle Water) in the Spring of 2013 when this happened. A lady blackbird took up Mould and Stane (set up home) in the bird table beside the pond. Pond development was put on hold. The same Spring we had 6 different species of bird nesting in our grounds. The insect population has also increased.